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Check out a sample report!

Click on the picture to the left and download a sample report.


You will find that the report has:


  1. Cover page

  2. 4 1/2 pages of notes to help you understand what we do, what we dont do, what i have seen in the past disclosing issues to help in figuring out the report, important notes to consider.

  3. Service invoice page

  4. Checkbox note disclosure page to help you understand what the checkboxes to the left of each section will mean.

  5. General information page that is required disclosures per the state of Tennessee's home inspection guidelines.

  6. The report: Structural section, Electrical section, HVAC section, plumbing section, appliance section (additional sections may be included depending on services requested)

  7. Concluding with a complimentary summary page of all the write-ups!


Additional reports can be purchased after the first report has been provided to the client included in the cost of the initial inspection. Each additional inspection report cost $50.00 and can be mailed to client through the U.S. Postal service once payment has been recieved.



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