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Alamo Home Inspections, the story of the business name


Growing up in Southeast Texas and having a grandfather from East Tennessee, I was always fond of my home state and the state that my grandfather came from. As I learned American history, I found that there was a bond like no other between two states like Tennessee and Texas.


I love my Texas, but I always loved Tennessee as that was where my grandfather was from. I had dreams of living in the beautiful state for a long time.


When I founded my home inspection business in 2004, I wanted a name that would honor the men that fought and died for Texas' independance, a name that would honor both states. It was a no brainer. Alamo Home Inspections was founded.


After loosing all in hurricane Ike in 2008 down in Texas, it was time for me to make a move, a move to East Tennessee.


I have dedicated myself to my business. The business is me. I have no employees and will never hire anyone. I am the one you will always deal with and be taken care by.


Read the history of The Alamo, see the movies, visit The Alamo in San Antonio Texas, a solomn place of reflection any history enthusiast will cherish for the rest of their life.



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