Alamo Home Inspections, the story of the business name


Growing up in Southeast Texas and having a grandfather from East Tennessee, I was always fond of my home state and the state that my grandfather came from. As I learned American history, I found that there was a bond like no other between two states like Tennessee and Texas.


I love my Texas, but I always loved Tennessee as that was where my grandfather was from. I had dreams of living in the beautiful state for a long time.


When I founded my home inspection business in 2004, I wanted a name that would honor the men that fought and died for Texas' independance, a name that would honor both states. It was a no brainer. Alamo Home Inspections was founded.


After loosing all in hurricane Ike in 2008 down in Texas, it was time for me to make a move, a move to East Tennessee.


I have dedicated myself to my business. The business is me. I have no employees and will never hire anyone. I am the one you will always deal with and be taken care by.


Read the history of The Alamo, see the movies, visit The Alamo in San Antonio Texas, a solomn place of reflection any history enthusiast will cherish for the rest of their life.



Areas We Cover




Oak Ridge

Lenoir City


Fountain City






Jefferson City




We travel beyond these locations, simply call, we will make accomodations!

The most certified and licensed home inspection service at affordable pricing serving all of East Tennessee. Home Inspections, Radon Testing, Thermal/Infrared Camera Inspections, Well Inspections, Water Quality Testing, Swimming Pool Inspections, Spa and Hot Tub Inspections, Lead Base Paint Testing, Log Home Construction Inspections.


All home inspectors websites say they are the best, the fact of the matter, we should all do the best we can. When an inspector does a poor job, it gives all of us a bad name. I want all inspectors to do their best and be the best we can be!


When it's your house that matters, trust a company that treats you like family. We love our job and you will see that!


Alamo Home Inspections

Alamo Home Inspections

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