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First and Foremost

Have you ever had a doctors appointment scheduled? The closer it gets to the time to go, you are nerveous. When you get there and sitting in the waiting room, you are a basketcase. You just know that the doctor is going to find something bad wrong with your health.


My years of experience in home inspecting, I have found that people act in the same manor leading up to their home inspection.


Rest assure, I am looking out for your best interest. There are home inspectors who scare the pants off their clients. I have never understood this. A home inspection should be a pleasant and exciting experience. Thoroughness does not mean frighten!


My name is Chad West, I will be your personal Certified Master Inspector that will walk you through your home inspection with care and concern.


Please revert back to the horizontal menu above to find out my background, the services I provide, my credentials, locate the agreement form that you must sign and supply to me per state guidelines, preparation tips to assure you will have the most thorough inspection possible, the truth about Radon Gas and your health and what thermal Imaging can find beyond the visual inspection.


Thank you for visiting my website!

Robert "CHAD" West

Certified Master Inspector

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