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Important things to consider when selecting an inspector!


  1. How long has an inspector been in business?

  2. Are you selecting the highest certified home inspector? (Board Certified Master Inspector)

  3. What credentials does the inspector have backing them?

  4. What type of education did the inspector have?

  5. What school did the inspector attend?

  6. Is the inspector state licensed?

  7. Does the inspector have the appropriate Errors & Ommissions and General Liability Insurance policies?

  8. Does the inspector offer all the services pertaining to a home inspection? (thermal camera inspections, etc.)

  9. Have you considered the physical ability of the home inspector? (if you have a crawlspace or tight places that need to be inspected, know that i am a lean and fit inspector who WILL access all confined places at your house where some inspectors will NOT be able to physically fit in to)

"Sorry we couldn't fit in the crawlspace and had to write it up in the report that it was inaccessible and you have an incomplete inspection, but we will take payment now please!"

Give me a call, I will try my best to enter all areas of your prospective home. I stay in good physical condition with  regular exercise and activities. Staying in great physical condition is key in performing the best home inspection possible.

Chad West-Board Certified Master Home Inspector

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