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Who am I?

Thank you so much for taking this time to visit my website while shopping for your home inspector.


My name is Chad West. I am a sole proprietor home inspector licensed in 2004 originally in Texas. I still maintain my license in Texas as all other states honor a Texas license due to Texas' extensive education program.


Home inspector candidates in Tennessee must have 60 hours of classroom training and an assumed 30 hours of homework before taking the National Home Inspection Exam.


In Texas, home inspector candidates must go through 448 hours of classroom and field studies where licensed home inspector trainers escort home inspector candidates through many houses of all styles for hands on experience. After completion of training, the candidate will then take the state of Texas' home inspection exam, by the way, much more difficult than the national exam, i've taken them both (wink)!


Both states require 16 hours of continued education per year to uphold one's license.


I take my CE classes through the best provider available, The National Association of Certified Home Inspectors, also referred to folks in our trade as NACHI.


I aquired my Master Certification in 2010 being 1 of only 8 in the state of Tennessee, 1 of only 36 in the state of Texas.


I have researched all aspects of what people want that truly pertain to a home inspection, thus became educated, licensed or certified in those areas.


I am not an inspector that offer false frills and perks. What you see is what you get. Some inspectors offer a farse home warranty to promote their service. The fact is, these warranties have very fine print that most folks do not read. Therefore when they try to use the warranty, they then realize the warranty has all kinds of stipulations that keeps those warranty companies from "paying up."


The best protection one can have for their new home is an actual home warranty. Ask your Realtor about the home warranty. There are many fine home warranty companies to choose from. FYI: Many times, sellers pay for and give a home warranty away with the house, just a heads up!


What you will get from me is my full attention, respect, understanding, loyalty, and best effort in performing your home inspection for your prospective next home.


When you hire me, you are my boss, I work for you. Like any employee that wants to keep a job, they must keep the boss happy!


Please read the agreement form thoroughly, do what the agreement form says to do so that I can perform the best I possibly can. There is a preparation page on this website as well, please take advantage of all the information provided to prepare the home before my arrival.


Hope to hear from you soon!


Robert "Chad" West-Owner

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