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Inspecting beyond State Guidelines

Infrared Thermal technology can detect hidden problems in your home or building, through thermal images, such as electrical hot spots, moisture penetration, energy loss, plumbing leaks, roof leak, heat/AC system and many other defects not visible to the eye. We can scan the entire house or building with our Thermal Camera, from the roof to the foundation and all areas in between including looking for concerns such as roof leaks, lacking/poor insulation, wet walls, wet ceilings, leaking windows, leaking doors, electrical hot spots, improperly operating appliances, plumbing leaks, drainage problems, heat/AC concerns, Ductwork air leaks, issues in the attic, fire & safety issues, etc…

How Does Infrared Inspections Work?








Our Infrared Inspections measure surface temperatures by using Infrared Thermal Inspection
Video and or Camera settings. It is essentially Fluke technology, similar to what is used in military applications on helicopters. A Thermal Inspection of the home is quick and definitive. A Thermal Inspection can find various, previously undetected problems in many areas of any home, old or new. Be sure to hire a Certified Thermographer, look for the Seal below to know your inspector is Infrared Certified.

Can Thermal Camera Inspections Detect Water Damage?








Water damage over time causes changes conducive to mold. Mold is never the problem, only the symptom of water problems. Scanning with Infrared Thermal Cameras can see moisture which creates an environment encouraging the amplification of mold locations that could never be seen with the human eye. We may smell its presence, but not know where it is forming. Infrared Thermal Cameras can often determine where inherently moist areas are located, which can encourage potentially serious mold and health problems.

Can Thermal Camera Inspections Detect Electrical Problems?







Electrical problems or overloads from too many appliances or faulty wiring can be detected through Infrared Thermal Inspections. Whenever there is a circuit which is running hot, and actually heating the wiring, the electricity is running and costing you money. Such wasted electricity is almost never known about, but pinpointed exactly.

Can Thermal Camera Inspections Detect Air Duct Leaks?








Air supply leaks cause high energy expenses reflecting in your monthly and yearly heating and cooling bill. The Fluke Thermal Camera can find areas of ductwork that are leaking conditioned air in cavities and attic spaces that are not meant to be air-conditioned. This air loss also puts more wear and tear on your HVAC system. What does that mean? That means you will be replacing your entire HVAC system premature.

What’s A Thermal Inspection Energy Audit?








 An Infrared Thermal Energy Audit can be done from inside, outside, or both! From the exterior, it can show areas where expensive heated or air-conditioned air is escaping. From the inside, it similarly shows where warm or cold air is entering. Both steps pinpoint areas where improvements can be made. It is not uncommon to see whole walls or ceilings with inadequate or even no insulation! Finding these spots saves you money!

Every homeowner should take advantage of this cutting-edge home inspection ability. It has been estimated that only 3% of Home Inspectors nationwide use thermal imaging technology. Alamo Home Inspections truly believe this is the future of inspections and want to be one of the first to offer it to our customers.

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