License and Certifications

Infrared Certified:





NACHI Certified Thermographer- Infrared technology and building science

Methamphetamine Certified

Meth Lab Cleanup LLC

State Licensed in Texas: 7446

Requirements for license: 448 hours of in class and field studies, state exam composed of National and State regulations.

State License in Tennessee: 712

Requirements for license: 60 hours in class and 30 hours home study, national home inspection exam.

NACHI Certified: 09090410


Safe Practices Course

25 Standards Every Inspector Should Know Course

Residential Standards of Practice Course

NACHI Certifications:

NACHI Residential Plumbing Overview Certification

NACHI Electrical Certification

NACHI Roofing Certification

NACHI Exterior Certification

NACHI HVAC Certification

NACHI Structural Certification

NACHI Deck Certification

NACHI Log Home Certification

NACHI Mold Certification

NACHI Moisture Intrusion Certification

NACHI Attic, Insulation, Ventilation and Interior Certification

NACHI Advanced Mold certification

NACHI Infrared Certification

NACHI Pools & Spas Certification

NACHI Texas Standards of Practice, Legal & Ethics Certification

NACHI Radon Certification

NACHI Energy Audit Certification

NACHI Green Certification

International Association of Certified Indoor Air Consultants 

License: IAC2-01-7571

MoistureFree Warranty Certified



Auburn University:

Radon Training Program

Champions School of Real Estate: 

Graduate Professional Home Inspector Program

Champions School of Real Estate Certified Courses taken:

Foundation Certification

HVAC Certification

Electrical Certification

Pool & Spa Certification

Lamar University Institute of Technology

CADD Designer, Electrical Design, Piping Design, Structural Design

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Lenoir City


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We travel beyond these locations, simply call, we will make accomodations!

The most certified and licensed home inspection service at affordable pricing serving all of East Tennessee. Home Inspections, Radon Testing, Thermal/Infrared Camera Inspections, Well Inspections, Water Quality Testing, Swimming Pool Inspections, Spa and Hot Tub Inspections, Lead Base Paint Testing, Log Home Construction Inspections.


All home inspectors websites say they are the best, the fact of the matter, we should all do the best we can. When an inspector does a poor job, it gives all of us a bad name. I want all inspectors to do their best and be the best we can be!


When it's your house that matters, trust a company that treats you like family. We love our job and you will see that!


Alamo Home Inspections

Alamo Home Inspections

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