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Preparing for Inspection

Now that you have chosen the services you need, be sure to have the house to be inspected prepared. Here’s the next step!

In preparing a home for an inspection, remember to have these things done before the inspector arrives. THIS IS IMPORTANT FOR A COMPLETE INSPECTION.

  • Make sure all the utilities are on- water, electricity, gas. The house should have all systems up and running in a livable setting at the time the inspector arrives.
  • Make sure gas appliances have the pilot lights already lit if the appliances require pilot lights.
  • Replace burned bulbs, make sure all light fixtures have the proper bulbs in place.
  • Be sure the house is COMPLETELY ACCESSIBLE! attic access not blocked (by closet shelving, parked cars, stored items), doors not blocked, all  rooms accessible, all mechanical equipment not blocked by stored items, etc. Very important that the electrical panel is very accessible for safe entry of the panel, be sure there are no stored items in front of the panel including shelving; if the panel is on the exterior, be sure foliage is trimmed back so inspectors can get to panel safely. Per International Residential Code, inspectors must have 30″ across the panel and 36″ in front of the panel for their safety.  Be sure the electrical panel is NOT locked. THESE ISSUES ARE IMPORTANT AND YOUR RESPONSIBILITY BEFORE I GET TO THE HOUSE YOU WANT INSPECTED, RELAY THIS MESSAGE TO THE SELLING PARTY SINCE IT IS STILL THEIR HOUSE, LET THEM KNOW TO HAVE THE HOUSE READY AND ACCESSIBLE!

These preparation tips are also part of the Pre-inspection agreement form that you will need to sign prior to work being performed.

 Some other things that can be addressed before we arrive:

  • Have any noticeable wood rot on the exterior replaced.
  • Be sure to have a good roof covering
  • Make sure all windows and doors operate as intended
  • Be sure that the HVAC system is cooling and heating properly
  • Make sure built in appliances in the kitchen operate as intended
  • Look for any leaks at water fixture and repair them
  • Replace any cracked/damaged window panes
  • Make sure outlets and switches have covers present


These are just a few things that home owners can do in preparing their home for a more successful inspection. If you are a buyer, you may want to forward this section of this site to your realtor and the sellers so they can have the house ready.for any reason I must return to a given property, there WILL be a charge for it, so make sure it is ready; let the sellers know to prepare the house for accessibility and utilities up and running!


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